Some of our favorite looks from Fashion Week AW 2018

Elisabetta Franchi
For the Elisabetta Franchi AW 2018 show, models wore just a dash of silver smudged across their lash lines.
Even makeup minimalists can get on board with this trend. We think this look is perfectly wearable for a night out.
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Kate Spade
Who doesn't know that old saying "Diamonds are a girls best friend"
You don't need jewelry when you can wear diamonds on your eyes!
Make up Artist Romy Soleimani is known for creative make up looks and thinking outside the box. This year she used Swarovski crystals which she placed onto the lids with lash glue and a pair of tweezers.
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Deconstructed eyeliner from Make up Artist Pat McGrath drew attention at Coach AW18.
She left a gap under the iris to enhance the models natural eyecolor.
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Alexander Wang
Bare lashes, structured brows and soft natural toned shadows gave the models a stunning androgynous vibe. Make up Artist Diane Kendal created a beautiful sophisticated look.
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Christian Dior
The models at Christians Dior's AW 2018 show received thick, color coordinated to their shades, gashes of liner.
Simply matched with beautiful bare skin and curled lashes, the statement eyes hit just the right note: bold, but not too bold; perfect, but not too perfect
Peter Philips created a truly unique look.
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Oscar de la Renta
We really love this pretty Oscar de la Renta look from the fashion week! All the models wore a soft lilac eyeshadow with a dusting of gold glitter over the iris. So beautiful and dreamy.
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