Things get pretty steamy during the Dubai summer! Sunscreen melts within seconds and leaving your phone out when you are poolside means it will for sure overheat. To be honest pre-Kennedy I wouldn't go to the pool past June but with K that really doesn't fly we need to get out of the house! So Kitmate has really saved my buns. Things stay cool for up to 8 hours with the cutest ice packs that come with the bag! It is also machine washable and has a removable strap. It has a handy outside pocket to keep your phone nice a cool and easily accessible. It's made of deep diving neoprene that as well as the zippers feel very sturdy and durable.

When Kennedy was an infant I told myself I wouldn't pacify her with snacks hahahaha that's funny! Now the sheer thought of leaving the house without snacks sends shivers down my spine. The Miami Bag is the perfect size to throw in a diaper bag and means I'm not limited to the snacks I can pack. I can pack yogurt and fruit and without worrying about it staying cold and it's compact enough that I can throw it in my beach bag and not adding an extra thing to carry.

The first few times I went to the pool with Kennedy it looked like I was spending seven days there's instead of just an hour or two. I've gotten way more minimal in my packing.

My friend Melanie Meyer along with her business partner created Kitmate. Melanie is a very talented makeup artist and created a range of bags that she desired herself working on set! Did you know I'm a hairdresser, that's how I met Melanie! I absolutely loved doing editorial hair and also know the struggle of finding good set bags and having hair products melt in the heat. While my life right now is not as glam as touch-ups on set I love using the Miami Bag for my mom life! I feel a little chicer when using it too😉

And you can bet your bottom dollar it will be traveling with us this week when we start our marathon trip to the US! Kennedy has recently become obsessed with cheese ( who can blame her 😉). My Kitmate Miami Bag will make sure she has Babybels to her heart's content.

Tara xx